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  • Spread over 2 acres land with a built-up area of 50,000 Sq.ft
  • Pattern storage and up gradation available in-house . Pattern manufacturing is sub-contracted.
  • Metal flow methods are designed in-house . Simulation software’s if required are subcontracted.
  • Three electric induction furnaces of one 500 kg and two 1000 kgs with a maximum single piece casting weight of 1.2 tones.
  • A fully equipped laboratory consisting of an Image Analyser , 30 element Spectrometer , Universal testing machine , Sand tester and Impact testing machine.
  • Three heat treatment furnaces of one 5 ton capacity and two 2 tonnes capacity.
  • Inhouse fettling shop with shot blast facility.
  • Inhouse NDT facilities like Dye Penetrant , Magnetic Partical Inspection, Ultrasonic and Radio graphic Testing.
Production Capacity 3000 Tones Per Annum
Weight range 20 Kgs to 2000 Kgs
Furnace Capacity


Technology CO2 Sand Casting Process


Description Make Model Capacity
Induction Furnace Inductotherm power Track 2000kg,1000kg,500 Kg & 250 Kg-350 KW (Medium Frequency)
Immersion Pyrometer Syuash Enterprises Immersion Range – 1100°C – 1700°C

Moulding: CO2 process.( Sand Moulding )

Description Make Model Capacity
Sand Muller Ess Kay Ess 300 Kgs
Sand Mixerr do 100Kgs
Core sand mixer Excell Engg 50kgs.
Sand Dryer Universal Engineering 1 ton/Hr
Sand Reclamation Plant 600kgs./hour

Pneumatic Tools powered by sufficiently sized Air Compressors.

Description Make Model Capacity
Mould Hardness Tester Versatile Range 0 – 100 Core / Mould

HeatTreatment Furnace:

Description Make Model Capacity
Electric Furnace Thermal Tech

3 Tons

Max Temp. – 1180°C

Electric Furnace Thermal Tech

5 Tons

Max Temp. – 1050°C

Oil Fired Furnace Indaid 2 Tons Max.Temperature 1200°C


Pencil grinders to heavy frame swing frame grinders with facilities for welding with pre-heating arrangements. Pneumatic chippers and grinders powered by air compressors and other electrical tools.

Description Make Model Capacity
Shot-Blasting Machine MMK Engg. Hanger Type 500 kgs
Acid Pickling Tank 2000 litre
Passivation Tank 2000 litre

Pattern Shop:

Our Pattern Shop equipped with Bench Grinder and Disc Grinder along with drilling machines. Surface Table with Vernier height Gauge also equipped.

Methoding   Auto cad

Material Handling:

Description Make Model Capacity
Over head crane Excell Engg. 3 Tonnes
Over head crane MM Engg. 10 Tonnes
Over head crane Deepa Fabricators. 3 Tonnes
Over head crane MM Engg. 5 tons.
Mobile Crane 2 Ton
Pouring Laddle 750Kgs

Bottam Pouring Laddle

1.5 Tons
Pouring Laddle 600 kgs

Bottam Pouring Laddle

5.0 Tons
Pouring Laddle 500 kgs

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